Water & Environmental

Florida is changing. Where there is change, there can be uncertainty. Navigating this uncertainty takes a gut-level understanding and intellectual appreciation of the competing interests at work. At MansonBolves, we know that economic opportunity is based on environmental sustainability. We understand that resources can be used while not being used up.

We are intent on meeting these challenges for our clients while protecting Florida’s environmental and economic resources.

We have extensive experience serving as general counsel to regional water supply authorities, working with local governments and water management districts and in the handling of all phases of cases before the Division of Administrative Hearing and other government bodies.

Our attorneys understand the environmental regulatory framework (they helped create it). We are on top of potential conflicts with, and improvements to, current best management practices and the regulations that apply them. Simply put, we know our way through the maze of government regulation, and we will act swiftly and effectively to protect your interests.

We also provide protection for existing permit holders by challenging regulations or rules that adversely impact our clients. As water use permits have become increasingly difficult to move through the permitting process, our firm has been successful in securing and defending needed water supplies for public and private sector clients.

MansonBolves staffs a team of environmental and water lawyers with public and private sector experience representing big and small companies.

Our firm offers a unique blend of experience in a variety of environmental and water fields, including:

  • Consumptive use permitting
  • District water supply planning
  • Analysis and development of Minimum Flows and Levels
  • Adoption of prevention and recovery strategies
  • Issues revolving around surface water, groundwater, wastewater and reclaimed water
  • Alternative water supply and cooperative funding
  • Enforcement actions
  • Water quality regulations

We have the unique skill sets required to successfully represent our clients in areas related to:

  • Special district creation and management
  • Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act
  • Water and wastewater service area disputes
  • Wholesale and retail water and wastewater
  • Legislative and regulatory consulting
  • Alternative Water Supply and Water Reuse initiatives and regulations
  • Enforcement actions
  • Municipal and Private Water utilities
  • Permitting of consumptive uses of water
  • Storm water management, flood control and drainage
  • Wastewater and storm water management, reuse and disposal
  • Water conservation, drought management
  • Water resource policy development
  • Water rights
  • Water quality and discharge permitting
  • Negotiating interlocal agreements