Our team offers extensive experience in successfully resolving complex regulatory matters within a constantly changing legal arena. We help private companies negotiate contracts and agreements with state, city and local municipal governments. And, we work closely with the governmental regulatory agencies to resolve complex disputes.

Because our attorneys have been General Counsel for local governments and agencies, we understand the regulatory process. More importantly, we understand the thinking that goes into the establishment of rules and regulations.

The coupling of experience and understanding helps us find reliable, cost-effective solutions to the challenges involved with balancing environmental protection, economic opportunity and fairness.

We manage negotiations that help our clients avoid government hearings. Our group includes attorneys and policy advisors who have been legal counsel and key aides in the executive and legislative sectors, as well.

Our highly experienced professionals constantly assess the regulatory environment, including proposed changes to regulations and new agency directives. We help you understand new regulations before they are adopted or affect the interpretation of existing regulations.

We ensure that you understand how this ever changing process as well as how these new rules will affect your business or agency!