Government Affairs

Manson Bolves Donaldson Varn attorneys understand government. We have worked for and with local, regional, state and federal agencies. Understanding the agencies and the people that staff them is an important part of our service.

More important is that we value the relationships we have with regulators and policymakers. Having been in-house, we know the challenges they face and the issues that constrain their actions. We have shared challenges. Worked together. Dealt with issues. Our relationships are forged on shared history and values.

We respect the unique constraints of government while we work through the issues our clients face.

Among our services are:

  • Legislative strategy and lobbying
  • Policy analysis and development
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring
  • Drafting legislation
  • Issue advocacy and development
  • Public private partnership development and management

Our clients are sometimes frustrated by government processes. Regulatory, legislative and other activities that delay deals and projects are costly. We monitor agency and legislative activities so our clients are positioned to provide perspective before initiatives become law or regulation.

We position our clients to be part of the process in order to ensure that if there are to be new laws or regulations, they truly address that things matter in a fair way.